Sleeve Bearings

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Sleeve bearings use sliding motion instead of rolling elements to carry heavy loads. Plain bearing bushings, which resemble a simple metal sleeve, absorb and distribute friction from rotating shafts. They are less durable than ball and roller bearings, but they are easy to install and operate. Hydrodynamic bearings replace bearing rolling elements with a continuous flow of water or oil. They can carry heavy loads up to several tons and have a long lifespan due to constant lubrication and no metal-to-metal contact. Clip bearings mount in sheet metal plate bore holes to support shafts. They have an angled slit so the bearing can safely expand in hot, humid environments. Clip bearings are easy to install and are self-aligning to fit into imprecisely formed sheet metal.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
ISOSTATIC AM-1420-22 Sleeve Bearings 16000 No No Radial
ISOSTATIC AM-1420-15 Sleeve Bearings 10.1 kN 16,000 rpm 43.1 mm NTN
ISOSTATIC AM-1420-14 Sleeve Bearings Steel 2 Single T-Shaped
ISOSTATIC AM-1420-20 Sleeve Bearings Double 62 Compact Type Deep Groove Ball Bea
ISOSTATIC AM-1420-12 Sleeve Bearings Metric System 6 Days Flat Radial
ISOSTATIC AM-1420-10 Sleeve Bearings Deep Groove Ball Bea Bearings with Housin Square Type Electroless Nickel P
ISOSTATIC AM-1418-28 Sleeve Bearings -40 °C R1/8" 100 °C 43.55 kN
ISOSTATIC AM-1418-22 Sleeve Bearings 35 Flat Ball Standard
ISOSTATIC AM-1418-20 Sleeve Bearings -20 °C Bearings 35 kN 37 mm
ISOSTATIC AM-1418-19 Sleeve Bearings 35 mm 102 mm 64 mm 1.52 kg
ISOSTATIC AM-1418-26 Sleeve Bearings 110 mm N/A 330 kN NTN
ISOSTATIC AM-1418-14 Sleeve Bearings Flange Type Deep Groove Ball Bea 30 ~ 40 7 Days